🌿🌿🌿 Feedback - Stage 4 mastopathy

Kenzhe. 52 years old

The doctors diagnosed breast cancer. My two nipples were almost squeezed inward, it was visible. I felt severe pains at night that could not sleep. After applying L-Arginine Omir kilti 'G' under the tongue 2 drops in the morning, 2 drops before bedtime, sleep returned to normal. The hellish pains disappeared. Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor said I have had 1 month left to live. Three kids... After applying L-Arginine Omir kilti 'TG' to the chest transdermally, the tumors disappeared, I applied TG for 30 days rectally and the nipples came out. The cancer has stopped. The body recovered for the better. The state of health is excellent. I continue to take in this supplement. Thank you to the inventor of this miracle product. Long years and success you, Sir. I suggest everyone to use the L-Arginine Omir kilti supplement and get well. I love and adore this product, I will take it in until the age of 100!

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