🌿🌿🌿 Feedback. Covid19 and infant

My baby is 9 months old. His teeth were erupted, he has diarrhea and the temperature did not decrease - it continued staying up to 39.5 degrees. He suffered that way for three days. On the fourth day we went to the clinic. He was made an X-ray, it showed pneumonia and he was taken a PCR analysis. The next day, the result came out positive. The doctor called an ambulance and brought my baby to the infectious diseases ward urgently.

Unbelievable! How could a 9 months old baby get a coronavirus? He started taking injections of antibiotics. I called to our doctor, Nazgul Asanovna. She advised to give 6 tablespoons of Maxilin a day and L-Arginine Omir Kilti dropwise (as a grain of rice) three times a day. I started doing that without telling the doctors anything. The doctors prescribed probitic enterohermine. I said well and continued according to Nazgul Asanovna's scheme.

Next day, the diarrhea stopped, the irritation disappeared, the temperature did not exceed 36.2. We passed the PCR again. Came out negative. We were discharged home immediately. This is our story that came out in a week. It is a miracle, our products Maxilin and L-Arginine Omir Kilti are truly the creation of nature! Nowadays children really started getting sick more often, so I began to advise all my friends and everyone to do prevention with our products.

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