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Hello, I want to share the first results of my application of L-Arginine Omir kilti. Two years ago, my doctors discovered a bunch of diseases. The reason for going to the doctors was general fatigue, because of pain in the back and joints, I hardly could move, was complete apathy, began to gain weight, because of uterine fibroids, frequent bleeding, anemia, low blood pressure. CA 125 increased -141, TSH increased - Hypotheriosis. An operation was prescribed to remove the uterus and ovaries. I have lost interest in life. I started looking for other cure.

Then I found information about L-ArginineOmir kilti and Maxilin and watched some videos about it. On the 3rd day of taking it, the bleeding, which has been tormenting me since 2011, stopped. Hopefully by the end of the appointment, I will completely get rid of them. The swelling of the legs is gone. My health has improved. There was a desire to get up from the couch and do something😊 Most importantly, I found those people who are not indifferent to my pain, what I feel. These people are really interested in the complete recovery of everyone who takes L-Arginine Omir kilti and Maxilin. Thanks to everyone - you are amazingly beautiful!!!

~ Gulshat Zhangarasheva



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